Notific Pro v3.4.1 APK Cracked For Android App Download

Notific Pro v3.4.1 APK Cracked For Android App Free Download

Notific Pro v3.4.1 APK Cracked For Android App Download

Notific Pro v3.4.1 APK Cracked is a latest wonderful application designed for Android users. Basically its lock screen notification app that shows your notification in an intuitive manner when you requisite it. After installation of this app on your device it will automatically turn the screen on and show your notification in one of the 3 themes along with quick action buttons if extension is enabled. You can also select your own style from 3 different themes, Jellybean HOLO, Android Wear inspired Material and Ambient Display inspired dark (AMOLED friendly) theme. Few themes are available only on Android 4.4 and above due to system limitation on 4.3. Now using this app stay connected with any notification. It’s very useful for all users. In the presence of this app you don’t need to find another its special for you. If the cell phone is in pocket, don’t worry.

Notific Pro App is intelligent enough to understand that and will not turn on the screen. But if you take out the cell phone from your pocket within 10secs (customizable) it will automatically turn on the screen for you.One of the major advantage of Notific Pro Android App it doesn’t impact battery life as it will only use the proximity sensor for 10 sec. The memory usage is extremely optimized (2-15MB) and doesn’t use 50MB+ as in other notification apps. The multitude of notifications we get every day are possibly the most sensitive information for some and these justify the utmost privacy.

That’s why Notific Pro v3.4.1 Apk comes with categorically no private data mining. No crash data, No Google analytics. It doesn’t need connecting to Internet hence you can be sure that there’s no way your information goes out of your device. If you are really worried about people seeing your notifications when they pop up, you can use privacy mode feature to keep your notification content safe from snooping eyes on per app basis. If few app is troubling with you too many popups, you can use Whitelist/Blacklist mode to dismiss the app, or only include specific apps.

Features of Notific Pro APK:

  • Fixed smart screen off option.
  • Contact pictures turned on by default.
  • Drag and hold on the dismiss spot to dismiss all notifications.
  • With just in single click unlock directly by double tap on circular drag handle.

How to Install?

  1. First download the Apk from given link below.
  2. After Install normally on your device.
  3. Done Enjoy.

Download Links are given below!

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